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The Mellon initiative is limited to first books by individual authors.

Publication within the Mellon initiative is highly selective. In evaluating submissions, we will be seeking above all:

  • Innovative, exciting, and well-supported arguments, based on original research
  • Work that makes a significant contribution meriting publication in book form

Please do not send a manuscript unless invited. To inquire about a press’s potential interest in your project, you may begin by sending the acquisitions editor a brief query of a paragraph or two, or you may proceed directly to a full proposal package:

  • 3–5 page prospectus summarizing the argument, identifying the target audience(s), and indicating the total word count (including notes and list of works cited)
  • Introduction to the manuscript
  • One additional sample chapter
  • Curriculum vitae

Authors should approach the press or presses whose areas of interest most closely relate to the subject matter of the work proposed. If two or more presses request the full manuscript for peer review, the author must at that point choose a single publisher and offer it exclusive consideration.

Please refer to specific submission guidelines for each of the participating university presses on the Contact Us page.