Fighting Against the Use of E-Cigarettes

There are a number of reasons as to why the United Kingdom is fighting against the use of e-cigarettes. One of the major reasons comes down to the World Health Organization and whether or not e-cigs should be regulated just as traditional cigarettes are. The members of the World Health Organization believe that there are still many health risks when it comes to e-cigarettes and their sales should be closely monitored just like standard cigarettes. Whether or not this is the truth, this is one of the reasons why the UK is fighting hard against the e-cig.

Tobacco control is a field of public health science that has a policy specifically dedicated to addressing the issue of tobacco and the negative way it impacts the human race. This is one of the biggest priorities for the World Health Organization and is closely monitored. They study the impacts that tobacco has on the economy, health, environment, society, and the population. With e-cigarettes being so popular these days, many experts believe that their invention has undermined the work that tobacco control has done over the years.

Experts believe that even though e-cigs do not contain some of the toxic elements that typical cigarettes contain such as tar and smoke, there is no official documented proof that the e-cig should be used as a method to quit smoking. These same experts believe that they still contain nicotine which can still cause health problems such as cardiovascular and other diseases as well as illnesses.

The e-cig manufacturing industry has been rapidly evolving and expanding and has become a $3 billion industry.Individuals who have fought endlessly to keep the world informed of the dangers of cigarette smoking feel that promoting electronic cigarettes as a tool to help people quit smoking is causing more harm than good.