Switching From Smoking Tobacco to “Vaping” Electric Cigarettes

So you are switching from smoking tobacco to “vaping” electric cigarettes? Good Choice! And let me say Thank you on behalf of all those who will no longer have to inhale your 2nd hand smoke. I am sure neither you nor your friends and family will miss the filthy ashtrays and cigarette butts, or having everything smell like ashtrays and cigarette butts.

It’s all pretty exciting, really. Congratulations, you have made a big decision.

Before you act on that decision by rushing off to buy your kit, there are a few more things you should know. You have a Lot of choices. First you might want to think about what size you want to get. Using a size you find comfortable is important to your enjoyment.

You can find smokeless cigarettes in a wide variety of sizes. The most popular sizes are those that come closest to cigarette sizes. There are no standardized sizes or name of sizes. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It can get a little confusing. For instance, what they might call “Mini” Ecigs, are probably the closest in size to a standard american tobacco cig. You’ll also come across “Super cigs” (Bigger) and “Super minis”(the smallest).

When thinking about size, remember there is more to size, than just well, size. The smaller e-cigs are likely to have shorter battery life and a weaker vapor. The largest ones likely to have the strongest vapor and longest battery life.

In considering which smokeless cigarette kit you’ll buy, remember to check out the sizes they offer. Don’t forget flavors. If you are a die hard menthol smoker, you’ll want to be certain that they have menthol cartiges available for the e-cig you choose.

Different manufacturers have different varieties of flavors available.

One last note to remember as you sort through all the ads for your very own smokeless nicotene delivery system:
Not all e-cigarettes are created equal. Some are prone to clogged atomizers ( a real pain in the neck). Others have terribly short battery life. Unfortunately there are many companies selling e-cigs that are simply poorly engineered, and manufactured on the cheap. The best you can do to avoid these problems is keep reading up, as you are doing.

Fortunately there are a handful of reputable companies with top of the line electronic cigarettes that will give you a satisfying “smoking” experience without all the hassles. For some information on one of the best ecigs available, read this review: Smokeless Cigarettes.

Are e-Cigarettes Really Safer Than Smoking Real Cigarettes

Are electronic cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking tobacco? Does the idea of inhaling a vapor that delivers only pure nicotine to your lungs appeal to you more than being subjected to more than 4000 toxic substances with each puff from a ‘regular’ tobacco cigarette?

Then consider the following when trying to decide if making the switch is for you.

When you burn tobacco the combustion process releases thousands of toxic substances, sixty of which are known carcinogens. This is what causes respiratory diseases and lung cancer, not the nicotine. Electronic cigarettes produce none of these toxins. No tar, no carbon monoxide, no lingering odor that clings to your clothes, hair and car upholstery and no ashes or yellow stains on your fingers and teeth.

Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco smoke. For the long time smoker who wishes to continue smoking but wants to avoid all the other harmful substances electronic cigarettes are definitely a safer alternative. They still deliver the nicotine that we crave without exposing ourselves and everyone around us, including our pets, to caustic and offensive smoke.

The delivery system of some electronic cigarettes uses a nicotine liquid which has been recently reported by the FDA to contain traces of carcinogens, although they do not appear to be in high doses. Before deciding that that’s all you need to know to decide against using the e-cigarette, consider that these substances are also found in nicotine patches and gum used for smoking cessation that are approved by the FDA. Funny thing, eh?

Traces of carcinogens are also found in many commonly used food items, tooth paste, and many other things, but that doesn’t keep them off the shelves.

Of course we all should be concerned about the quality of the foods we consume and the air that we breathe. With the advent of the electronic cigarette we smokers can now do out part to help clear the air. We’ll also have the added bonus of not having to give up one of the little pleasures in life and we’ll be healthier too.

At present we do not know if electronic cigarettes are totally safe and until further tests have been done we should assume that they are not. However, compared to tobacco smoke which we do know to be extremely dangerous as well as expensive, the electronic cigarette presents itself as the most sensible solution to kicking the health risks associated with a smoking tobacco habit.

Before purchasing your electronic cigarette do a little research. Buy a good quality brand and don’t be lured in by cheap prices. You really do get what you pay for. Some manufacturers even offer free trial kits when you pay the shipping and handling. If you want more information go to the e-cigarette smoker’s forums. There are several and the users are more than happy to share their experiences and answer your questions.

Fighting Against the Use of E-Cigarettes

There are a number of reasons as to why the United Kingdom is fighting against the use of e-cigarettes. One of the major reasons comes down to the World Health Organization and whether or not e-cigs should be regulated just as traditional cigarettes are. The members of the World Health Organization believe that there are still many health risks when it comes to e-cigarettes and their sales should be closely monitored just like standard cigarettes. Whether or not this is the truth, this is one of the reasons why the UK is fighting hard against the e-cig.

Tobacco control is a field of public health science that has a policy specifically dedicated to addressing the issue of tobacco and the negative way it impacts the human race. This is one of the biggest priorities for the World Health Organization and is closely monitored. They study the impacts that tobacco has on the economy, health, environment, society, and the population. With e-cigarettes being so popular these days, many experts believe that their invention has undermined the work that tobacco control has done over the years.

Experts believe that even though e-cigs do not contain some of the toxic elements that typical cigarettes contain such as tar and smoke, there is no official documented proof that the e-cig should be used as a method to quit smoking. These same experts believe that they still contain nicotine which can still cause health problems such as cardiovascular and other diseases as well as illnesses.

The e-cig manufacturing industry has been rapidly evolving and expanding and has become a $3 billion industry.Individuals who have fought endlessly to keep the world informed of the dangers of cigarette smoking feel that promoting electronic cigarettes as a tool to help people quit smoking is causing more harm than good.